Padma Bhushan Maulana Abdul Karim Parekh

A Short Life Sketch

The persona of Padma Bhushan Maulana Abdul Karim Parekh was well known all over India and abroad. His services to the humanity in terms of his ideological contribution towards promotion of peace and harmonious coexistence are too well known in the religious circles all over the world to be introduced. A short life sketch of him, introduction, a glimpse of his books in various languages, important photographs and ideology and ideals for which he struggled throughout his life, are presented under different headings in his biography the link for which is given below.

Maulana Parekh was a humble man of austere habits. He believed in grassroots activism. His lofty ideals blended well with his simple manners and pious character. His tender heart with an ever bubbling fountain of mercy and compassion was beating for the humanity. His sparkling face exuded an uncanny charm. His words carried weight with millions and that is how he could turn their energy to positive direction. He touched, moved and influenced the people with his boundless love and affection.

During his lifetime Maulana Parekh encountered many odds right from his childhood, but Almighty God granted him immense moral courage and Spiritual strength to bring his ideals to some fruition. Much of those ideals still remain to be achieved and will require his message to percolate down to the vast multitudes of our beloved country. His biography would throw light on how one can be positive in very bleak situation, and to exploring every negative aspect to achieve positive results successfully.

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A masterpiece by Maulana Abdul Karim Parekh, for the word by word translation of the Quran, to learn basic arabic grammar and understand the deep and profound message of the Quran by yourself.

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